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tyDi, Col3man, and Melanie Fontana Dug Deep into Their Truest Selves on 'That's How You Know:' Exclusive

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When you bring together your favorite collaborators and get all your best tools at your disposal, when you dig into the deepest parts of your soul to tell your truest story, when you save room for introspection but don't ignore the dance floor, “That's How You Know” you've got a tune that will resonate.

Los Angeles-based producer tyDi brought all those elements together for his latest single, a collaboration between his frequent vocalist and friend Melanie Fontana and his new studio best bud Col3man.

“I've done so many amazing things with Melanie Fontana, like 'Redefined,' but found COL3MAN in a remix competition of mine,” tyDi says. “It's like the past meeting the present, to create the future. I can't wait to show it to all of you.”

“That's How You Know” is playful and upbeat with trap elements tempered by a rosy disposition. Thoughtful piano chords build into rattling rhythms and choppy vocal edits. It's an emotional tune, but before that, it's just fun.

“Really stoked to be a part of this record,” Col3man continues. “I've been working with tyDi for a while now, and this is our first collab coming out. It's really cool to see all the visions we had for the record all come together in one song.”

A lot of the emotion comes out in Fontana's personal lyrics.

”I wrote it in the beginning of my relationship with my fiancé & was terrified of all these immediate feelings I'd never felt with anyone I'd ever been with,” Fontana says. “What I realized, is the fear of pain & my happy tears is really what pointed toward my love being REAL, not something fleeting or superficial. This is a very real topline for me.”

“That's How You Know” is out on Thrive Records Friday, March 3, but you can listen to it in full below exclusively on Billboard Dance

Britney Spears’ ‘Mood Ring': Songwriter Melanie Fontana on the Making of the ‘Glory’ Track [Exclusive]

Britney Spears Mood Ring

Randee St. Nicholas / RCA


She hasn’t given us all of her Glory just yet.


Britney Spears‘ ninth studio album has yet to be officially released in Japan. And when it does, it’ll include one extra song in addition to the already sizable collection of 17 tracks that fans have been not-so-patiently awaiting: “Mood Ring,” produced by DJ Mustard, which he’s teased for well over a year now.


The song’s co-writer, Melanie Fontana, who’s also responsible for penning upcoming cuts for the likes of The ChainsmokersDaya and John Dahlback, as well as Aaron Carter‘s forthcoming EP, recently spoke to PopCrush about the story behind the forthcoming track — described as a “favorite” by Britney’s A&R, Karen — just before it arrives on September 14.


“My love is a mood ring / Up-and-down emotions, all these mood swings…“


“Mood Ring” was originally meant to be “Mood Swings.”


“I wrote the song with my friend Jon [Asher], who is an amazing songwriter and one of my really good friends. I had an idea: I wanted to write a song called “Mood Swings.” We started with some melodies and nothing really hit us. So we went down, started to hang out in his kitchen, had something to eat, and he was like ‘Mood swings, mood swings…what about mood ring?” And I was like “Oh my God, ‘Mood Ring’!” And that’s kind of how it happened: basically joking around while we were having a snack in the kitchen. He came up with the title. We were thinking about it, in our minds, as The Chainsmokers featuring Britney Spears. So that was the concept and sound.”


It was written with Britney’s life in mind.


“We were writing it for Britney from the beginning. Whether or not it got cut by Britney, we were not sure at that moment, but we were writing it from the perspective. By the way, we’re diehard fans — like childhood on, all the way on up. I think he and I both have a great channel for Britney, just because we’re superfans. That’s how the start was birthed. We love how Britney’s gone through all her phases, and hair colors, and literally, like, mood swings. Her whole life is like a mood ring.”


The acapella sat for three months — until Mustard jumped on the beat, hoe.


“We wrote it on a piano track. I sent the acapella to a couple of friends in Finland, to people in LA, on the East Coast…but nobody really cared. One of Jon and my really good friends is also friends with Mustard and that whole team. So he emailed the acapella for us to Mustard’s camp. And within, like, two days of him sending the acapella out to Mustard, we had a scratch demo.”


Then Mustard reached out to Brit.


“We knew the song was really, really special, but we didn’t realize it until it was that quick of a turnaround. About a month after that, I got a phone call while I was working in Finland. I was writing in Helsinki, and I got a call that Britney was recording it. I literally almost bought a ticket home. I was on American Airlines trying to buy a ticket home. They were like ‘No, don’t, it’s fine! It’s going to be a two hour session and won’t be a big deal!’ I was like ‘Are you sure?! I’ll come home now!” [Laughs] Mustard delivered it to Britney. I wish that I had some sort of part of that, but it had nothing to do with me at all. Our sound was just so perfect for her — it was a no brainer when he gave it to Larry Rudolph.”


And Britney loved it.


“We were told by the head of A&R, Karen Kwak, that it was her favorite song, initially. It was her favorite song. Over and over again, this is what we kept hearing. She felt the most connected to it of all the songs, which is why we were so surprised when we found out it was just on the Japanese edition.”


The song is only available in Japan, for now…


“At first, I won’t lie, I was upset — it’s being banished to Japan! But I do a lot of work and writing in Japan and Korea, so I know records still actually sell over there. It’s smart, knowing physical copies will fly off the shelves over there. [Glory] will probably be No. 1 in Japan on the 14th. They’re being wise. You have to buy the whole album. They’re just being smart about it.”


…And there’s always a chance it could head stateside, too.


“Mustard is working on his project very heavily right now. Would it shock me if it came out? I would not be surprised if it came out as a single. I feel like it could be.”


They’ve got more (moah) songs lined up for her when she’s ready to record again.


“We wrote probably, like, ten more songs that could have gone on her album. Me, Jon Asher and I — we could bring back 2001 Britney today if that’s what they wanted. We have ten other “Mood Ring”-s in the holster. But her album was already so politically tied up that, basically, there some blockade with management. She wasn’t able to cut the songs. Our goal for Number 10 is that we get 10-for-10 on her 10th album. I want to Executive Produce the whole thing. I know that sounds a little delusional. [Laughs]”


“Mood Ring” will arrive on September 14. Listen to a preview on HMV Japan.

Rolling Stone

Hear Britney Spears' Slinky Bonus Song 'Mood Ring'

DJ Mustard-produced track appears only on Japanese edition of 'Glory'

The Japanese edition of Britney Spears' Glory has one track that the other international versions of the album do not: the DJ Mustard-produced "Mood Ring." The track is now available to stream, one day ahead of the Japanese edition's release.


Pop star and rapper teamed up for a robust, dance-filled spectacle of new single from 'Glory'


On "Mood Ring," Spears belts in a much lower register. "Love is a mood ring/ Up and down emotions/ All these mood swings," she sings. Mustard's beat is a rattling, syrupy sound, creating one of the most R&B-heavy tunes of Spears' latest era.


Glory was released in the US on August 36th via Apple Music. Spears began teasing her new album with the release of her an ad for her perfume "Private Show," named for a song on the album. The first official single, "Make Me…" featuring G-Eazy, was officially released in July and was later accompanied by a video where Spears holds a naughty competition for her leading man. The pair made the live debut of the song at the MTV Video Music Awards

Hollywood Life

Britney Spears Slays On Catchy New Bonus Track ‘Mood Ring’

OMG! Britney Spears blew our minds with her sexy slow jam ‘Mood Ring,’ which dropped on Sept. 12. Fans are in for a treat — since this is one of her most vulnerable and mesmerizing singles yet! Check out the bonus track from ‘Glory’ right here!


Wow! Britney Spears, 34, bares her soul in the hypnotizing song “Mood Ring,” which dropped on Sept. 12. The hot new bonus track is actually a hidden gem, only available on the Japanese edition of her ninth studio album Glory. The songstress slays with her soft vocals on the single, showing off a mature and mysterious sound like never before. She seems to be addressing her rocky love life and how it correlates with her superstar status. Her emotional lyrics read, “Which role should I take, Fading to grey, So did we make a big mistake, True colors’ll show, Baby just put me on display.” The hard-hitting beat definitely brings it to another level!

We’re loving how Britney is opening up to her fans and letting down her guard in this sizzling new song. DJ Mustard proudly produced “Mood Ring” and previously gushed about it being “amazing.” He also said, “We’ve got something harder than hard.” Yowza! We definitely see why he was swooning about the track long before it was released.


Britney’s songwriter Melanie Fontana also recently explained the message behind the powerful lyrics. She told PopCrush, “We were writing it for Britney from the beginning…we love how Britney’s gone through all her phases, and hair colors, and literally, like, mood swings. Her whole life is like a mood ring.” Yas, queen!


Britney is definitely on the rise these days, especially after bringing the heat with her last hot jam “Make Me” featuring G-Eazy. The singer performed the duet at the MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 28, pulling out all the stops with her dance moves and sparkling yellow costume. She’s certainly evolving as an artist, but that doesn’t mean she’s not willing to pull from her past for some musical inspiration. Britney recently revealed that she’d love to work with her ex-beau Justin Timberlake, in addition to Aerosmith and Gwen Stefani! We’ve got our fingers crossed that another epic collaboration is in the works!

V Magazine



The new track comes as an exclusive bonus track on the Japanese edition of the singer's latest album.


Britney Spears is perhaps best known for her iconic singles, including “… Baby One More Time,” “Toxic,” and “Gimme More.” But beneath the landmarks of her discography lie many hidden bonus tracks that show the pop icon at her most experimental, emotional, upbeat, goofy, or all of the above. The adorably catchy “Deep In My Heart,” Lady Gaga co-written “Quicksand,” and recent bizarro banger “If I’m Dancing” are just some of the unearthed treasures. Today, the inimitable Miss Spears has generously given us the latest addition to her bonus track collection: “Mood Ring.”


The DJ Mustard-helmed track, released exclusively on the Japanese edition of her new album Glory, fits perfectly with the moody, atmospheric leanings of the (fantastic) record. It presents Britney at her most confident and vulnerable, as she sings atop Mustard’s simmering production. “Look in the mirror, who do I see? Who do I wanna be today?” she croons before asserting herself seductively: “Nothing on my body but this mood ring.” The stuttering breakdowns and her omnipresent vocals solidify this track as another Britney scorcher, one that fans can keep as a hidden treasure.


Like most of Glory, “Mood Ring” serves to prove that Godney is once again on top of her game, having found her place in today’s music landscape by staying true to her quirky and sensual tendencies. Listen to the track below.

40 seconds of Britney’s DJ Mustard-produced song “Mood Ring” surfaced ahead of its official release next month.


The Japanese bonus track off Glory is slated to drop September 14, according to Sony Music’s Japanese affiliate website, but a bit of it in low quality trickled onto the Internet ahead of schedule, and it’ll put you in a mood. The slow-tempo tune drips in thumping beats over Mustard’s hazy electro production as the pop star croons about a colorful force that controls her. 


When you’re making me glow / With your fingers against my thighs / Think I’ve been here before / I’ve turned some hearts into stone / And I can’t hide it no more,” Britney sings in the clip living in the darkest corners of the web. 


“My love is a mood ring / Up and down emotions / All these mood swings / You know how to read the touch of my skin / Nothing on my body but this mood ring / You change me.”


Mustard described the record as “a super big hit”, “harder than hard” and “a motion picture,” and he did not lie.


The Jon Asher and Melanie Fontana-penned cut is the cherry on top of the delicious Glory cake Spears served fans last week. The Britney Army will have to wait just two more weeks to gobble the whole thing up (unless of course the Internet strikes again). You won’t wanna miss out on this one.

Shimmer & Shine

Shimmer and Shine - Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. TV series

Melanie performs the theme song and all the songs sung by the Genies in the cartoon.  The show airs on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. Check your local listings!

Virtual Reality Times

A Super Bizarre Music Video by Kumi Koda On Oculus Rift

Kumi Koda is a renowned Japanese singer from Kyoto famous for her urban and R&B songs. The popular artist is now releasing her latest music video ‘Dance in the Rain’ in a virtual reality platform.


The music video by Koda features 3D sounds, 360-degree views and full support for the Oculus Rift. Oculus Rift, a head mounted display created by Facebook owned company Oculus VR, has not yet been unveiled to the public. The device is set to be released in April 2015. Dance in the Rain is the very first music video to be displayed on Oculus Rift. It was exhibited at Tokyo Designers Week in the last two weeks of September and those who have the chance to watch it gave positive reviews.


Dance in the Rain has an intense, futuristic setting with energetic choreography, fashion designing by Yohji Yamamoto, 360 degrees wide-angle footage, stereophonic sounds, an almost surreal aura and gives a little post apocalyptic vibe. It is directed by Masashi Yokobe, also known as YKBX, who seem to have a great time while making it. Previously we had only seen games and movies in the virtual reality environment. It is nice and refreshing to see something different. Kumi Koda, who is regarded as one of the top artists in Japan, has done an excellent job.


The production of ‘Dance in the Rain’ was revealed in TENT LONDON, an art festival held in London, in 2014. The virtual reality music video was highly appreciated by the Londoners and the climax at the end of the song was exceptional and made the debut stand out in the art festival. The song is going to be released worldwide as a digital single via iTunes. Its international pre-orders have begun since 2014/10/22 and while in Japan you can purchase the song at special price. If you cannot wait for the song to be released and wish to listen to the trial version of Kumi Koda’s new song, ‘Dance In The Rain’, right now, just visit the her official site.

For more information on Kumi Koda’s crazy music video ‘Dance in the Rain’ on virtual reality, please visit:

tyDi keeps us dancing on "Redefined (feat. Melanie Fontana)"

tyDi keeps us dancing on Redefined (feat. Melanie Fontana) [Premiere]

Australia based DJ and producer tyDi just released his new LP Redefined on September 30th and in our highlighted track “Redefined (feat. Melanie Fontana)” it is clear that the award winning DJ and multi-platinum songwriter are poised to make an impact on the dance charts. Their initial collaboration “Nothing Really Matters” premiered on Billboard online and went on to break the esteemed Top 50 Dance Chart that year. The album itself is an assortment of his compositions and that feature intimately produced vocals from the likes of Dashboard Confessional’s Chris Carrabba, The Ready Set, Kerli and songwriter BC Jean (of Beyonce’s “If I Were A Boy).


We refer to the productions as intimate since they were all designed through in person studio sessions instead of the normal phone-in conversations that are so often used when working with major names. The title track is aptly named since tyDi has made a sincere effort to mold his personal style through collaborative efforts on this latest compilation. “Redefined” has a decidedly deceptive intro that comes in with a soft, melodic pop piano line and quickly transitions into a fast-paced pure EDM number. If nothing else, Melanie Fontana’s soaring vocals make the listener want to dance and are the spark that starts that fire with the pulsing beat and upbeat synths.


DJ Booth - Constant Flow "Moment of Peace"

In the fast-paced, stressful world of 2014, we could all use the occasional Moment of Peace. Unfortunately, you’re not gonna find silence or tranquility on the latest single from Booth newcomer Constant Flow—but you will find plenty of lyrical insights into the most pressing issues we face today, both in the U.S. and abroad. Over Southpaw‘s pensive keys and jittery rhythm section, the Jersey repper draws attention to the unrest in Gaza, and the history of intolerance and oppression underlying it. Immortal Technique takes a closer look at the state of hip-hop in his guest middle 16, and Melanie Fontana tops the cut off with some ear-grabbing hook vocals. Feeling it? More thoughtful bars and quality beats await on Constant Flow’s Ascension LP, dropping next Tuesday via Viper Records.

Listen to More: Constant Flow, Immortal Technique , Premiere, Lyrical

Written by on 08/28/14

"RED LIGHT" Number 1!

Melanie co-wrote the single "Boom Bang Boom" for the Korean group f(x). The album is titled Red Light. The album is all ready number one on the Korean charts!


This track contains vocals by very talented up and coming singer, Melanie Fontana. John Dahlback did smart move bringing her to this creation – “Fireflies”. Dahlback once again release brand new kickin’ track over Protocol Recordings of Nicky Romero, good friends should I say eh? Anyhow, as I started – Good collaboration between John Dahlback and vocalist Melanie Fontana and the result of it are only bringing the goods of electronic music. The whole production of this track are build up very well, such as the melody itself and if that’s the break turning into the drop, I like it, and why wouldn’t I? I personally think John Dahlback is one of the greats, if not the greatest in electronic music industry. Take your moment, breath and start enjoying “Fireflies."

Buy on Amazon

Buy on iTunes

Gold Grill BBQ

Gold Grill BBQ Release

Melanie co-wrote, featured vocals and performed in Kyrsta Youngs new single and video "Gold Grill BBQ." You can buy the song on iTunes and watch the video on YouTube.


Fireflies -  By John Dahlbäck Featuring Melanie Fontana

Melanie Fontana lends her beautiful vocals and writing skills to this enchanting song. Fontana co-wrote along with John Dahlbäck and Johan Jones Wetterberg. Electric sets and music fill this song, but they no strangers to Dahlbäck. Fontana's voice identifies humans with fireflies unleashing their energy at night and it flourished into this epic song.

The release date is Monday, June 23, 2014. You can buy Fireflies HERE!

Listen to a snipplet below:

Watch tyDi's

tyDi runs from a hoard of angry mobsters in his "Nothing Really Matters" video.

For only 25 years old, Australian DJ and producer tyDi has accrued a LOT of success. Not only did his debut album, Look Closer, debut at No. 2 on the AIR Dance Album Chart in 2009, but tyDi was even ranked No. 48 in DJ Mag's Top 100 DJ's list in 2011! (#Cred) And the Brisbane native isn't resting on his laurels, either -- tyDi has just released the video for his booming Melanie Fontana-assisted pop/dance single, "Nothing Really Matters," and plans to drop another two albums this year. Still unsure about when this kid sleeps.


Watch tyDi's "Nothing Really Matters" video featuring Melanie Fontana after the jump.


Speaking of getting zero rest, poor tyDi definitely has to sleep with one eye open in his cinematic video for "Nothing Really Matters." The clip kicks off tyDi getting dragged across the floor by a pair of mobsters/mean men before being questioned and slapped around in a dank cellar. WHY is tyDi being questioned by a duo of creepy dudes? What'd he ever do? Well, apparently said dudes have a problem with the "Glow In The Dark" DJ hooking up with a certain super hot chick (how all brawls are born).


Fortunately, tyDi's lady friend comes to save him (but no explanation as to why she was a problem for tyDi in the first place). And just when you think the duo are free to have endless nights of uninterrupted hookups, a plot twist reveals that it's actually the hot babe who set tyDi up all along. (DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA.) And honestly, it's kinda sad! Because while there's no actual dialogue in mini-movie music video, we can almost guarantee that tyDi is thinking all sorts of regretful things like, "But why, boo?? I thought we were great together! Remember that time I took you out for dinner and said you could order the lobster? Didn't that mean anything??" Damn, BURNED!


+ Watch tyDi's "Nothing Really Matters" video featuring Melanie Fontana.

Photo credit: Republic Records

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Norwegian Idol

VGNett interviewing Melanie about Norwegian Idol (fast fwd to 1:51 :))

tyDi, 'Nothing Really Matters': Exclusive Song Premiere

By , New York | April 05, 2013 12:05 PM EDT


Check out the new single featuring Melanie Fontana, launching only on


Australian DJ tyDi is looking to extend his global presence with the release of his new single "Nothing Really Matters," featuring singer-songwriter Melanie Fontana. Before the song's official release on Tuesday (Apr. 9), give "Nothing Really Matters" a listen exclusively on


The DJ recently signed a stateside publishing deal with Rondor/Universal Music. "Nothing Really Matters" follows tyDi's last single, "Glow In The Dark," which featured vocals from Kerli and served as something of an introduction to U.S. audiences.


"When I first produced the instrumental for this track, my whole team flipped out," says tyDi of "Nothing Really Matters." "It's got a lot of energy and the main synth line has a strong hook. The minute Melanie walked into the studio and sang the first line, I knew this would be my next single. I couldn't be any more excited about this track."


Along with Tuesday's release of "Nothing Really Matters" at digital retailers, the song's official music video will premiere simultaneously on VEVO. Meanwhile, a remix package for the new single is being readied for an Apr. 23 release.


~Amazon: Nothing Really Matters - Single

~Vevo Official Video Release

~iTunes (USA): Nothing Really Matters (feat. Melanie Fontana) - Single

~iTunes (Australia): Nothing Really Matters (feat. Melanie Fontana) - Single

~BeatPort: Nothing Really Matters - Single

Other News Releases

Girls Generation Album

Melanie wrote song number five "Stay Girls" in Stockholm and she could not be more proud of her Swedish writing team: Andreas Oberg and Sebastian Thott. The album is titled "GIRLS' GENERATION II - Girls & Peace" and is being released November 28, 2012.

Lemonade Mouth & Entertainment Weekly

Melanie is featured in Entertainment Weekly! The Cast of Disney's Lemonade Mouth return in Lemonade Mouth Puckers Up. To celebrate, the cast of the movie have joined up to record a new song "Don't Stop The Revolution." Congratulations to Bryan Todd and Melanie Fontana for the songwriting credits! Click Here to read the featured article.

Melanie and Rod Stewart News Release

Melanie had the honor of being chosen to participate in the choir and background vocals for Rod Stewart's up coming Christmas album. She was interviewed by his fan club. You can read the interview here.

Shelter Me News Release

Melanie has co-written a theme song to a new series titled "Shelter Me." It is a PBS series hosted by Katherine Heigl. Shelter Me is a family-friendly PBS show that celebrated the human-animal bond. The series focuses on shelter animal success stories to bring more people into the shelters to give animals a second chance. Not only did Melanie co-write and perform the song, the show itself is named after the song.

The theme song, "Shelter Me (Love is Everything)," was written by Austin Bis, Melanie Fontana and Daniel Walker. It is performed by Melanie Fontana.

You can purchase Melanie's song "Love is Everything (Shelter Me)" on iTunes: Click Here or Amazon: Click Here.

For more information and to see the PBS broadcast schedule, please visit: and

Melanie writes a song featured on Justin Bieber's Christmas Album

Melanie has written a track that is released featuring The Band Perry on Justin Bieber's "Under the Mistletoe."

Melanie wrote the track which includes lyric and musical contributions by Nick Turpin, George Nozuka and Nasri Atweh. The track is titled "Home This Christmas" featuring The Band Perry on Justin Bieber's 2011 Christmas album, "Under the Mistletoe."

Melanie says, "Recently, I've been concentrating on my songwriting more so than my solo artist career. This has led me to work with an extremely talented group of co-writers, producers and engineers in the Los Angeles area. I have secured a track, along with my writing/production team on Justin Bieber's Christmas CD "Under the Mistletoe." My track is titled 'Home This Christmas' and is to be sung by Justin Bieber featuring The Band Perry."

Melanie goes to say that it is "quite a blessing to have my first song release sung by such talented artists!"

Melanie hopes the song will be loved by Justin Bieber fans, The Band Perry fans, as well as, her fans, and that it will soon be on its way to becoming a Christmas Classic! For Melanie this is an exciting time in her life... she would like to thank her fans, family and friends for their support. She states, "...without the support of you all: my family, fans and friends, I would NOT be where I am today!"

You can purchase "Under the Mistletoe" on and

Below are some links to Press Articles about Melanie. Please use the contact information tab above if you are interested in an interview, booking or feature with Melanie.